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The esteemed Cummins brand is known universally as a leading engine builder, and has some of the highest diesel performance engines on the market. The ISX engine replaced the N14 Model in 2000. It is a 6 cylinder, electronically controlled engine with excellent staying power. This Cummins superstar will outlast the competition. It is also compliant with all guidelines set by the EPA in 2002.

Cummins' other industry leader, the QSX diesel engine, outperforms other similar models made by other companies. Introduced several years after the ISX, it has since been upgraded with the new Quantum System controls for exceptional performance at an affordable price. The QSX is a superior engine with a patented "Wastegated Turbo" that maximizes performance with every rpm. The electronic controls help modulate fuel use and offer a variety of fuel substitutes when diesel is not available.

For Cummins ISX/QSX engines to attain maximum usability, they need to receive regular maintenance and use the proper Cummins parts. AGA has the parts needed to keep Cummins engines in optimal running condition. AGA has all aftermarket and genuine parts to help you repair or maintain your Cummins diesel engines. It's easy to find the lowest prices and exceptional customer service at AGA Parts. Call AGA Parts for a free quote!