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Ditch Witch | AGA Parts

High quality Ditch Witch spare parts for reliable equipment operation

AGA Parts is an international supplier of components for heavy machinery of famous brands. Thanks to a massive web-catalog offering a quick search by part numbers, you can see if there are genuine Ditch Witch spare parts ready-to-ship or made-to-order in a matter of seconds.

Currently, our catalog contains components mainly for Ditch Witch trenchers, including the following:

  • engine components;
  • steering system units;
  • spare parts for fuel and brake systems;
  • hydraulic units;
  • transmission mechanisms;
  • sensors;
  • electrical system components;
  • filters;
  • sealing rings;
  • gaskets;
  • actuating circuits;
  • fastening elements.

Ditch Witch spare parts: What you need to know before purchasing?

We cooperate with owners of branded special-purpose machinery across the globe, striving to promptly supply our clients with spare parts of proven quality. To place an order, just fill out an electronic feedback form, specifying the part numbers of required components and up-to-date contact details. Applications from clients are accepted around the clock. Upon receiving a request, our managers will organize a discussion of delivery conditions. During telephone conversations or an email correspondence, you can clarify the following:

  • exact order cost (with due regard to both Ditch Witch parts prices and shipment costs);
  • delivery date to a specified address (we offer delivery to 140 countries).

Clients can get info on convenient payment methods as well. While order-picking, managers prepare accompanying papers. Next, spare parts are sent to customers by international mail or delivered via transport companies.

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