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Popular Waukesha spare parts. Catalog AGA Parts

We supply high-quality spare parts for heavy machinery around the world. AGA Parts Co. created an extensive web-catalog with up-to- date part numbers for spare parts available from a warehouse or via a delivery order. Clients can order genuine spare parts for Waukesha engines or certified aftermarket including the following:

  • piston block components;
  • sealing rings and gaskets;
  • cylinder head groups;
  • spare parts for crank-and-rod assembly;
  • oil sprayers;
  • step-up coils and spark plugs;
  • sleeve seals;
  • plunger couplings;
  • ferrules;
  • high pressure fuel pumps;
  • filter equipment;
  • inlet and output valves;
  • fastening components;
  • starters, generators;
  • turbochargers;
  • radiators;
  • bearings.

About Waukesha brand

Genuine Waukesha spare parts are manufactured according to patented technologies with extremely tight tolerances.

U.S.-based brand Waukesha manufactures powerful internal combustion engines for generators, construction and agricultural equipment, cargo trucks, small boats, and large sea vessels. Since its foundation in 1906, this company has specialized in industrial engine manufacturing.

Today, this brand is acknowledged for innovative power plant manufacturing technologies complying with eco-standards. Hot-gas reciprocating machines by Waukesha are specially designed for such fuels as ethanol, propane, and biogas.

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