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Sandvik | AGA Parts

Spare parts for drilling rigs by Sandvik

AGA Parts web-catalog features genuine Sandvik spare parts and aftermarket. Knowing a part number, you can find on our website the following items within a few seconds:

  • units and mechanisms for power equipment;
  • cylinders, pumps and other hydraulic units;
  • travel reducers;
  • elements of rotary support;
  • downhole hammers;
  • drill-pipes, drill-rods, drilling bits, plug bits;
  • fastening elements;
  • oil, fuel, air and ventilation filters.

Spare parts for mining machinery are generally available via a delivery order. Less often, they can be obtained from stock. All spare parts undergo quality control not only at the manufacturing plant, but also within our company. That’s why we can confidently guarantee decent quality and interoperation with specific models of drilling rigs.

Regardless of their type, all units work with grinding plate. Sieves and sieve bearing surfaces are used for rock screening. Just like in drilling rigs, crushers feature numerous filters for different purposes. There are also extra accessories including side and central fastening systems, as well as safety structural stock. If required, these and other Sandvik crusher parts can be obtained from trusted suppliers via a delivery order.

Sandvik was established 155 years ago. Today, it's a global group of separate companies specializing in particular fields. Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has been manufacturing heavy construction machinery for the mining industry since 2016. Its products are sold in 150 countries around the world.

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