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AGA Parts provides the lowest prices on all Volvo D16 engine parts. We provide high-quality genuine parts for the Volvo truck D16 engine series, as well as parts for virtually every medium and heavy-duty truck on the market.

The D16 engine is greenhouse gas certified and fuel efficiency is increased by as much as 0.7%, This is in large part due to the reduction of friction within the internal combustion engine and includes improvements to the oil scraper ring, and the fact that our clutched air compressor will completely declutch from the engine to improve fuel efficiency.

Power ranges from 500 horsepower to 600 horsepower, with the engine delivering an impressive 2050 ft. lbs of torque. The variable geometry turbocharger means the engine is not only optimized with respect to fuel economy, but it is also incredibly responsive.

An oil drain interval of as many as 35,000 miles and the low maintenance nature of the oil pan means the D16 engine will reduce your operating costs and is a fuel efficient option for line-haul and heavy-haul applications. It is truly a dependable engine combining high performance with excellent fuel economy.

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