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To work in mines and tunnels, special underground equipment is needed, which combines compactness, power and environmental friendliness. Sandvik and Atlas Copco mining dump trucks with a payload capacity of 15 to 63 tons have such characteristics. They are equipped with powerful, economical engines that allow them to overcome long slopes with a slope of up to 12 °. To neutralize exhaust gases, gas cleaning equipment is required.

Difficult working conditions in limited space require from underground trucks increased maneuverability and controllability. To do this, manufacturers equip mine trucks with electronic control systems, from model to model they improve the technology of power transmission and braking systems. Some underground trucks can be optionally equipped with an ejector. The design of mine dump trucks is generally the same: it is a single-axle tractor with a dump trailer, which has a small turning radius. The drive is provided for all four wheels.

We supply quality spare parts for underground dump trucks on order

AGA Parts is a reliable supplier of spare parts for heavy machinery. On our website you will find an extensive list of part numbers by which it is possible to order online the necessary spare parts for underground dump trucks. Under the order are delivered original:

  • spare parts for powerful diesel engines;
  • components of gas cleaning equipment;
  • control system spare parts;
  • elements of the steering and turning mechanisms;
  • spare parts for suspension and damping systems;
  • transmission devices;
  • brake unit components;
  • filters;
  • fuel system parts;
  • valves, sealing elements;
  • fastener components;
  • some body parts.

Underground truck parts supplied by AGA Parts are precisely matched. We also guarantee high wear resistance and durability of components. Competitive prices and prompt delivery of the order to anywhere in the world allow minimizing the cost of repair and maintenance of expensive special equipment.

You can place an online order for the supply of the necessary spare parts for underground trucks around the clock. Within a few hours after processing your request, AGA Parts managers will form a price offer for you and familiarize you with the terms of further cooperation.

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