The supply of durable spare parts for various mining machines is one of the key areas of specialization for AGA Parts company. You can find a vast array of spare parts for Epiroc production drilling machines on our website.

To quickly find the spare part you need, please utilize the auto-search function. Simply enter the part number into the search box, and within a few seconds, the part will appear on your screen. We offer the following spare parts:

  • Deutz engine spare parts;
  • Dana Spicer transmission spare parts;
  • Cooling devices;
  • Air compressor components;
  • Fuel, oil, air, and hydraulic filters;
  • Drilling module and perforator spare parts;
  • Nickel-chrome-plated piston rods;
  • Vent blow-out system and water fog cleaning system spare parts;
  • Indicators, sensors, and regulator switches;
  • Overload protection system components;
  • Noise and vibration suppression mechanism parts;
  • Hydraulic equipment elements including hydro cylinders, booster pumps, and hydro motors;
  • Hoses, sleeves, and high-pressure hoses;
  • Fuel system components and mechanisms;
  • Steering mechanism spare parts;
  • Front axle differential lock elements;
  • Repair kits;
  • Fastening elements.

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We offer competitive pricing for Epiroc production drilling machine spare parts. Discuss delivery terms and conditions with our managers at your convenience.

Technical characteristics of Epiroc production drilling machines

Epiroc production drilling machines are utilized for drilling deep wells of medium to large diameters. The Simba series encompasses seven hydraulic high-precision drilling machines, each adaptable to specific tasks thanks to features such as:

  • Various drilling module configurations for drilling parallel and fan holes;
  • A wide assortment of perforators and pneumatic hammers;
  • Numerous additional devices;
  • Several levels of performance automation.

Recently, Epiroc introduced optional devices to assist in well drilling, aiding in locating vugs as well as offering laser alignment and parallel drill detention. The option for remote control enhances safety during production drilling operations.

Note that many elements of the Simba series are also found in the Boomer series sinking machines, enhancing serviceability due to the compatibility of parts across both types of machinery.