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Sandvik Construction Equipment Parts

AGA Parts is the preferred source for Sandvik construction equipment parts. We have a full portfolio of components and products for innovative construction equipment. We emphasize quality to guarantee high standards in the construction industry as well as other industries where Sandvik machines are used. Our parts excel when used in hauling, cutting and crushing, rock drilling and materials handling equipment.

We stock equipment like screens, crushers, sculptors, breakers, surface drill rigs, hammers, drilling and boring tools, road-headers, jumbos and haul tracks. Our inventory consists of overhaul kits for each and every equipment type mentioned above whether they’re hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or pneumatic. With 100 years in operation, Sandvik has perfected their parts in such a way that they provide ground breaking solutions against wear. We offer genuine products which have passed all the required analysis and tests for safety and quality.

Tolerance, dimensions and material selection are considered when designing equipment parts. Our online store is fully stocked with durable, low cost parts from the leading producers of construction equipment and parts. It is rare for the construction equipment parts to wear down easily, but after a long period of time the chances are that performance will decrease. AGA Parts’ online store has all the construction equipment parts you could possibly need for any Sandvik model. Contacts 24/7 us for a free quote.

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