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Cummins Construction Engine Parts

The use of Cummins construction engine parts to overhaul your Cummins engine guarantees top-notch performance and durability of your construction equipment. AGA Parts works with Cummins, a leading engine manufacturer, to ensure parts are available to help you boost the performance of your Cummins engine. We also deliver orders to our customers all over the world.

Our products are designed and fabricated using cutting edge technology and they are known for their ability to improve productivity. We offer engine parts that guarantee minimal noise during operation, powerful engines, environmentally friendly emissions and easy installation. These parts are available either as aftermarket or genuine parts.

The construction engines range from the lowest performing engine (QSF2.8 Tier 4 final or stage 4) to their top of the line engine, QSK23 for construction (Tier 2). These engines are used in lifts, cranes, trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, pavers, compactors, dozers, dumpers and rollers, just to mention a few. From time to time, these engines will require some overhauling; that’s where AGA Parts comes in action by supplying of reliable parts. Our engine parts such as filters, transmission shafts, engine mounts and seals are designed to meet international emissions standards.

We sell genuine parts which are tested and rated before they are placed in the inventory. Our skilled engineers and technicians have ensured our aftermarket and genuine products deliver value through long services lives compared to competitors. Contact us on our website or give us a call for free quotes, or just check out our inventory in our online store. AGA Parts is your one stops shop for low cost Cummins construction engine parts delivered anywhere in the world.

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