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Freightliner Century Truck Parts

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Freightliner Century Truck Parts

Find high quality Freightliner Century truck parts online at AGA. We work with numerous major suppliers and dsitributors around the world to bring you the component that you need at the lowest market prices. Contact us for details on how to order yours today.

The Freightliner Century Class is a semi-truck produced by American manufacturer Freightliner Trucks. It was sold in North America, but has been discontinued in the region. Tthe truck is currently sold only in Australia.

Freightliner’s Century Class CST112 was built to excel in demanding and ultra-competitive environments – from single trailer distribution, intrastate and short haul work to tipper applications. It has an advanced DD13 engine that is incredibly fuel efficient, industry-leading aerodynamics that cut wind resistance to improve fuel economy and an extremely low tare allowing it to carry larger payloads.

• Ergonomic wrap-around dash puts controls at your fingertips
• A sharp wheel cut allows for tight maneuvering and backing
• Electronically controlled gauges show clear and reliable data
• See-through fluid reservoirs allow instant checking of fluid levels
• Driver’s Message Centre to deliver timely, easy-to-understand information
• Adjustable EzyRider II seat with lateral/lumbar support and suspension
• Hood opens a full 90-degree to make engine maintenance easier
• Bonnet mounted splash shields for easy access to engine
• Advanced HVAC system maximizes airflow

While your rugged and dependable Freighliner Century truck will serve you well for the most part, it is a fact that machines will eventually fail and will need maintenance or repair. AGA Truck Parts has you covered with our large inventory of top quality Freighliner Century truck parts. We offer the most competitive prices on the market, fast shipping at affordable rates, and unbeatable aftermarket sevice. Call us for a free quote today.

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