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Slipform Pavers | AGA Parts

High-performing slipform pavers have recently been increasingly replacing manual labor showing excellent quality along with high paving speed. This special-purpose machinery is manufactured by several companies. Aga Parts supplies spare parts for slipform pavers by Wirtgen Group.

Extensive selection of spare parts for slipform pavers in Aga Parts catalog

Our web-catalog features spare parts for stationary and self-propelled tracked vehicles for concrete paving. They are available for sale and via a delivery order. We offer both genuine and aftermarket parts for:

  • Operator cabin;
  • Programmable control;
  • Automatics and safety systems;
  • Power equipment;
  • Hydraulic system;
  • Rotary mechanisms;
  • Track assembly of tracked vehicle.

Slipform pavers can conduct various operations thanks to easy slipform replacing system. Via our website you can make a delivery order covering the following spares:

  • Tray-type and belt-type feeding mechanisms;
  • Slip forms;
  • Self-propelled belts;
  • Receivers;
  • Conveyors;
  • Screw conveyors; Drums;
  • Spatualas

Just type in a part number to find any required spare part for slipform pavers. Thanks to an automatic system on-site catalog search takes only a few seconds.

Why do customers choose to cooperate with Aga Parts?

Any owner of a slipform paver wants to get it back operational ASAP in case of failure. We strive towards helping both individual owners of slipform pavers, and large developers.

Our managers always contact customers after receiving delivery orders for technical clarification related to spare parts supply. Orders are accepted automatically 24/7/365.

When a deal is hammered out, your order begins its journey. Both our brand integrity and spotless reputation of official dealers and manufacturers guarantee quality and full compatibility of parts with a specified slipform paver.

We are experienced with prompt delivery of spare parts regardless of location via transport companies and postal services.

We strive towards developing and expanding geography, while holding true to simplicity and operational transparency. We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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