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Underground Loaders | AGA Parts

Underground loaders stand out from other types of loading and transportation vehicles for a low profile and an impressive bucket volume. At the same time, their load capacity can be 50 percent higher than in case of a front-end loader of the same engine power. Even when transporting the highest tonnage possible, underground loaders maintain required stability due to an enlarged wheelbase.

Aga Parts website offers the possibility of selecting and ordering spare parts for underground loaders. We supply genuine parts and aftermarket for special-purpose machinery by Atlas Copco.

There are thousands of spare parts to choose from on our website. After a part number is specified, our website's auto search system will help you in finding required spare parts for the following:

  • transfer case assembly and gearbox;
  • Hydraulic system piping;
  • pneumatics;
  • engine;
  • undercarriage;
  • patented brake system;
  • lifting complex;
  • steering system.

Assembly units and mechanisms are supplied from stock and via a delivery order. Aga Parts supplies any part with a guarantee of reliability, excellent quality and 100% compatibility with a specific model of an underground loader.

How to order parts for underground loaders via Aga Parts?

  • 1. Place a supply request for spare parts using a special form on our website. Client requests are automatically accepted 24/7/365.
  • 2. After processing your request, our manager will call you back. During this conversation, you can clarify delivery terms and conditions. You can also make an inquiry about the availability of spare parts in stock for sale, the total cost of your order, and the time of delivery.
  • 3. When an agreement is reached, all the necessary documentation is drawn up.
  • 4. All the ordered spare parts for underground loaders will be delivered to your city by a shipping company.

We cooperate with clients around the globe and are always willing to help in a timely restoring your special-purpose machinery to working condition.

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