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Caterpillar Engine Air Compressors | AGA Parts

Caterpillar air compressors are designed to increase engine power, which is especially true for trucks and heavy machinery. According to statistics, the installation of such a unit gives from 50 to 100% increase in power. Caterpillar air compressors are actively used for engines of the C7, C9, C13 series. Exact compatibility and complete adaptation are driven by the rigorous technical specifications that make every Cat compressor component part.

Original Caterpillar air compressor parts in the AGA Parts online catalog

The supply of high-quality spare parts for special equipment of American brands is one of the key areas of work of the AGA Parts company. We offer original accessories and a certified aftermarket for Cat special vehicles. In particular, our online catalog contains spare parts for Caterpillar air compressors, which can be purchased:

  • at a competitive price;
  • with an additional guarantee of reliability and compliance with operational standards;
  • with prompt delivery to any country in the world.

Knowing the part number of the required parts, you can easily find the necessary parts for Cat air compressors on the AGA Parts website. At the moment, the auto-search system for part numbers will help you find:

  • sumps;
  • crankshafts, elbows;
  • pistons;
  • sets of piston rings, valves;
  • spare parts for the actuator for controlling the air supply regulator;
  • controller blocks;
  • bushings;
  • stocks;
  • gears;
  • bearings;
  • adapters;
  • elements of sealing, blocking;
  • valve seats, covers, plugs;
  • fastener parts.

These and other components for Cat air compressors are available both stock and on order. You can get the most up-to-date information on the availability of spare parts from the managers of AGA Parts.