Caterpillar Crankshafts & Parts | AGA Parts

AGA Parts Company is a supplier of genuine spare parts for American-made heavy machines. Caterpillar crankshafts are in great demand with our customers. We offer the following main benefits to all our clients:

  • Competitive prices for Caterpillar crankshafts;
  • Genuine crankshafts and certified aftermarket;
  • Delivery of the spare parts to any city in the world.

You can make an order for Caterpillar crankshafts or request a price quote by filling out this contact form at our website.

AGA Parts managers are available around-the-clock so you can contact us at any time that is convenient for you. We will be happy to see you among our customers!

Engine performance largely depends upon the reliability of the crankshaft. Caterpillar crankshafts are especially durable and resistant to wear due to the special metals that they are made of and computerized production technologies.

You can find the spare parts that you need in the AGA Parts online catalog if you search by the part number. Crankshafts and other Caterpillar parts are made to order. In particular, you can find the following spare parts in the catalog, among others:

  • Crankshaft pulleys;
  • Front and back gaskets;
  • Crankshaft bearing liners and connecting rod liners;
  • Shanks;
  • Camshaft drive sprockets.