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Caterpillar asphalt pavers parts | AGA Parts

The Caterpillar brand is 350 modern and powerful models of heavy special equipment for the construction, forestry, agricultural and transport industries. The company is considered the world leader in the production of pavers and special equipment for them.

Caterpillar pavers are characterized by excellent traction power and are usually used where the asphalt pavement is laid over a considerable width (from 3 to 10 m) with the use of heavy trucks.

Also, the features of the device include:

  • hydrostatic suspension system;
  • optional front-wheel drive;
  • independent management of screw and conveyor systems;
  • hydraulic adjustment of the vibratory beam.

Having created certain conditions, it is possible to load the asphalt concrete hopper of the machine without stopping the main work.

Duplicates and original spare parts for Caterpillar pavers at AGA Parts

This page shows the spare parts for asphalt equipment from stock or on order. The listed part numbers help you automatically find the necessary components in a few seconds.

We work with a developed dealer network, so we can offer a wide selection:

  • components for wheeled or tracked undercarriage;
  • devices and units for equipping the control cabin;
  • optical parts;
  • consumable parts (filters, fasteners);
  • mechanisms and components for ICE, cooling system, gearbox;
  • hydraulic parts.

Parts ordered for Caterpillar pavers from AGA Parts are subject to guarantees of quality, durability and full compatibility with a particular model of construction equipment.

Spare parts for Caterpillar wheeled and tracked pavers: delivery conditions

AGA Parts works with large companies and private owners of pavers. To become our new client, it is enough to fill out a delivery request using our website. Requests are accepted around the clock, after which they are sent to managers for processing.

The next step is a telephone conversation with representatives of AGA Parts, with whom you can discuss:

  • availability of positions of interest;
  • the cost of the order, taking into account the prices of spare parts and payment for delivery;
  • operational delivery options anywhere in the world.

The components you ordered are delivered by international mail or transport company. We strive to expand our geography and are always open for cooperation.